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5 tips on how to wear black and white this season

1. Black and White Striped Blazer

Black and white stripes create a bold and unmissable outfit feature. To make the most of their striking appearance, enlist the help of structured styles, such as blazers. Combining black and white stripes with a blazer creates a statement jacket that’s sharp and stylish. For the most flattering look, choose vertical lines that’ll lengthen your body. Also, be aware of how the different thicknesses of stripes can affect the boldness of the overall look. When it comes to outfits, pairing a black and white striped blazer with matching pants is a daring option. For a more subdued appearance, you can opt for a simple black pair instead.



2. Outfits With Black Jeans

Every woman should have a pair of black jeans in her closet. Not only is the classic pant style a weekend wardrobe staple, but it’s also perfect for smart-casual dress codes. To give your black jeans a chic upgrade, try wearing them in a head-to-toe black and white outfit. The fresh colour of white against your favourite black skinnies will create a clean and contemporary appearance. Just be sure to add a little edge to ensure you don’t end up looking like you’re wearing a uniform. Although a white shirt will appear sophisticated, some black boots and a cool coat or jacket are the keys to maintaining an exciting aesthetic.



3. White Pants Outfits

Although they may be harder to get right than black pants, white pants make a fantastic outfit option. Undeniably chic, white pants carry a sense of luxury and style, as long as they’re worn in the right way. Instead of your usual white summer jeans, consider trying some white, wide-leg, cropped pants this season. The contemporary style is on-trend for 2017 and makes a great option for more sophisticated outfits. To balance the weight of these voluminous pants, keep the rest of your look slim. A fitted, white, long-sleeved top, structured black blazer and black heels are the perfect outfit additions to pair with white pants.



4. Black and White Shirt Outfits

A shirt is an excellent way to rock a black and white outfit. As shirts are commonly made in black and white, you should have no problem finding one you like to build an outfit around. While white will create a classic appearance, black shirts will have an edgier feel. For something in between, you can also opt for a chic black and white patterned shirt, such as a polka dot style, or even try layering shirts together! No matter which shade of shirt you choose, you’ll find that you’re colourless look works well with black, wide-leg pants and heels.



5. Black and White Suit

If you’re looking for a chic and contemporary outfit to rock to the office, how about trying a black and white suit? While a classic suit is sophisticated enough to adhere to even the most strict dress codes, a contrasting black and white print will keep your style completely on-trend. Although a white shirt and black pumps will naturally work well for the office, try switching things up for after work drinks. Some quirky platform brogues and a chic black camisole will add considerably more edge to this black and white look.

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